Volunteering to Work Magnum Opus

Volunteers are always needed!

Numerous positions are available and no experience is necessary - we'll teach you all you need to know.

It takes an enormous commitment of time and people to organize events like the Magnum Opus Rally. You can get in on the excitement and see the racing up close by volunteering as an event worker. We have openings for:

Course marshals: See the cars up close and at racing speeds by helping time the cars in and out of checkpoints, guarding access to closed forest roads, and assisting with spectator stages. For the beginning worker, this is a great introduction!

Ham radio operators: Get in on the race communications by transmitting vital information during the progress of the race to the control operator. Previous race experience is not necessary; just a willingness to help keep workers and competitors up-to-date.

Scorekeepers: Ensure that the times for completion of each stage are accurate. Championships have been won and lost on one tenth of a second. Mathematical ability is not required, just a steady hand on the watch.

Medical personnel: Although there has never been a serious accident at the event, we plan for emergencies with qualified rescue crews. Doctors, nurses, EMT's and First Responders are needed for the safety crews. You can work medical and another specialty too.

Course set up/take down: All the forest roads seen in competition need to be carefully inspected the morning of the event. You can actually drive the rally stages as you put up and take down banner tape that warns the general public the event is taking place.

Click here if you'd like to see more detailed information about the jobs you can volunteer for at Magnum Opus!

Brand new to rallying and want a better idea of what happens? Click here for an overview of what happens during a stage rally. And if you want to learn even a bit more, then click here for a detailed description of what a competitor sees during a rally. Learning more about rallying may help you decide what job you'd like to volunteer for!

Sign Up to Volunteer at Magnum Opus!

The Magnum Opus rally is a NASA (National Auto Sport Association) Rally Sport sanctioned event. To volunteer to work Magnum Opus you'll register at the NASA Rally Sport website. Here's the skinny on what to do:

If You've Never Volunteered at a NASA Event Before

If you've never volunteered at a NASA Rally Sport event before the first thing you'll do is create a NASA volunteer account on the NASA website. You'll only do this step once. Once you have created your NASA volunteer account you can log in to your account to volunteer for other NASA events or for an other Magnum Opus in the future. Click here to go to the NASA website new user account create page.

Enter your email address and a password, then click the button labeled "I'm a new person, create a new account for me". Follow the instructions on the following forms to complete your volunteer information and create your NASA volunteer account. Then proceed to then next paragraph to volunteer for Magnum Opus.

You Have a NASA Volunteer Account

If you already have your NASA volunteer account, then click here to go to the NASA account login page. Enter the email address you created your account with and your password. Once you're logged in you'll see at the top of the page the upcoming events you can sign up for. You'll see Magnum Opus Rally on the left, and to the right on the same line a link labeled 'Click here to begin volunteer sign up". Click the link, fill in the required information, and then submit. You'll be signed up to work Magnum Opus! And thanks for doing so!

If you'd like a bit of assistance on what happens when you sign up to volunteer for an event, click here watch a video that walks you through the event signup procedure.