Rules and procedures of the Magnum Opus Rally that form the basis

What could be more exciting than having to keep your car on a slippery or bumpy road? The unknown is whether you can accurately hold the clutch in the right direction to get the car on the track. Millions of different proven techniques, hundreds of dangerous tracks, thousands of race cars and all this forms a breathtaking sport.

The grandest event in the racing world – Magnum Opus Rally

An event of this level has been held for a long time due to the huge demand of fans. There have been some breaks for various reasons, but since the beginning of 2010 the decision has been made to resurrect the Magnum Opus and give it a second wind. All events took place around Newberry in Michigan. Michigan is also known as the headquarters of the racing world. A huge number of both former participants and fans, volunteers and sponsors were eager for the resumption of the racing season. With this growing demand, the Magnum Opus has re-entered the sports arena.

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The most common Magnum Opus is a one or two day race with some stages taking place at night). The Rally was held at different times of the year, for example, in 2012 it was in mid-April, and in 2014 in mid-June. NASA National The committee usually sponsors and authorizes the Magnum Opus.

Different timings give the Rally a thrill

What is unusual about different dates in different seasons? This adds to the thrill of the participants. Different dates can bring different weather conditions, ranging from abnormal 60-degree heat to possible snow and strong wind gusts. Such conditions are created by the unusual location of Newberry.
Every season, long before the start of sporting events, the organizers carefully analyze all possible ways to improve. All stages and routes of the races are also thought out in detail – before the start of the races, the participants are provided with a route map, which includes tracks with rather difficult obstacles. Route coverage also depends on the time of the Rally. In 2012, by the way, for the first time permission was received from the local authorities to use the roads from the district, which was a novelty and opened up new prospects for the development of the racing.

Respect for the history of cars is encouraged

Since the resumption of the Magnum Opus Rally, the organizers, represented by NASA Rally Sport, have been puzzling over what new things to introduce into the races in order to refresh the slightly forgotten atmosphere. A brilliant idea came to mind – to introduce a fashion to encourage the participation in races not of ordinary cars, but of historical or vintage vehicles. Thus, a new Magnum Opus segment will be created for vintage lovers, which will motivate them to participate in the rally and thus hone their skills in practice. Also, this program has a global goal. The organizers of NASA Sport wanted to start a new trend in the United States about the love of vintage cars, because they have long gone out of fashion and have been forgotten. In this direction, they followed the example of the European continent. In addition, a number of new features for the season were also announced, including advancement to the Triple Crown Championship based on combined daytime and nighttime points.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Magnum Opus Rally

Like it or not, every thing and every event has two sides – positive and negative. In our case, there are much more positive aspects and we really want to focus on them.
Magnum Opus is a great opportunity to get together with people. You are given a unique opportunity to meet new interesting interlocutors, find friends and even fall in love and find your soulmate. Compared to conventional asphalt racing, you will feel more confident in racing with special tires. In addition, rallies are usually associated with mud, tight turns and unexpected moments – they are all a great way to improve your driving skills and ability to get out of unexpected situations, as rallies are equal in dynamism and movement. Since a rally is still a race against the clock, for those who like to set new records Magnum Opus can offer additional races on sand and gravel tracks.
As for the negative points, although they are not many, still they are. First of all, you should not forget that there are a lot of events and races in the Magnum Opus Rally. But they all pass in one or two days. And often scattered across different tracks, when drivers simply will not have time to get to their starting point. And the second drawback we would like to point out is that the rally is a very difficult test, despite all its dynamism. Therefore, you need to be as careful and agile as possible so as not to get injured on a dangerous track.

Basic rules and features of rally races

As for the Magnum Opus Rally event format, riders need to qualify before starting. All participants who have qualified before the start time of the day and night stages have the right to participate in the races and fight for the title of champion. At the end of the races, a champion is selected in each Magnum Opus Rally category. Moreover, if the participant did not have time or otherwise did not receive the necessary qualifications, the organizers of the Magnum Opus Rally created a special stage of races for such races, where they can compete among themselves without fighting for the title. An interesting point is that during the passage of the track there may be a navigator in the car, who does not need to be qualified. Thus Magnum Opus Rally can be called one of the most exciting racing events in the world.