Unusual Magnum Opus Rally in Newberry is getting ready to start

NASA Rally Sport is extremely proud to present to the world their new Atlantic Cup schedule, which would now include an event in Newberry, Michigan from 2014 – the Magnum Opus competition. This event will include as many as six events, and what is very remarkable, all these races will take place in a limited geographical area, which would allow you to easily and late get to the location of the tracks.


Reason for deciding to add Magnum Opus Rally

Initially, the organizers of NASA Rally Sport evaluated the riders who participated in various components of the overall championship. Everything seemed to be good, but it seemed to them that the riders were missing something. And during the analysis, it turned out that the whole thing is in geographical distance. Then NASA Sport decided on a great addition in 2014 in the form of the Magnum Opus Contest. The name of the race was given in honor of the Atlantic Ocean. Despite the fact that Michigan has no direct access to the Atlantic Ocean, the organizers thought this idea was very appropriate. And after doing all the statistical calculations and evaluations, it was very clear that the launch of the Magnum Opus competition would be a phenomenal event.

Format and ideas of Magnum Opus Rally in 2014

Considering that the event will become part of the NASA Rally Sports Atlantic Rally Cup in the 2014 season, everyone was terribly interested to learn about the format of the event and all kinds of changes. The organizers said that in 2014 the distance of all stages would be about eighty-three miles. Detailed information about each of the stages would be presented closer to the events themselves. What is also interesting is that the winning riders will be awarded so-called cup points, which they would be able to use in the world championship as a ranking. In 2014, the organizers decided on a greater national variety of races in order to mix cultures and exchange possible experiences and skills.

Unique RallyPro driving school for 2014 season

A lot of people would say why do racing drivers need a driving school and that this idea is completely meaningless. But this is far from true. NASA Sports decided to make such an innovation in 2014, as the organizers are very concerned about the safety component of the races. RallyPro was created specifically to improve the skills of experienced racers, as well as to teach beginners how to properly drive a car on the track. The school is designed to provide qualified training for drivers for the realities of racing – to teach them how to properly hold the car on dangerous roads, to improve their driving skills in the realities of dangerous racings.
The teachers of the school are qualified and experienced riders of championships both from the USA and from other countries and continents. The organizers are confident that this innovation will have a positive impact on the statistics of the stages of the Magnum Opus Contest and would increase the level of racing in general.

Who are the organizers of the events

The Magnum Opus Contest is organized by NASA Sport, which is generally responsible for running the competition in the United States. In addition to running the competition, NASA Sport also provides entertainment and race preparation programs and support to sponsors. The main goal of NASA Sport is to use the right tools and technology to organize the race to meet the needs of sponsors, riders and fans. NASA Contest Sport thus directs all its efforts to create one big family of racers, which they want to continue to grow and want to interest the whole world in the topic of competition.