David Gill Obtained Night Stage Champion Title

Gill and his co-driver Fabius More managed to pass all the tracks prepared for the night stage of the Magnum Opus Rally with dignity, thus winning the championship title, which they had been zealously striving for for two whole years.

Long and thorny path to victory

For two long years in Gill’s dreams was the thought of winning the Rally. Millions of workouts and a lot of effort, he applied to achieve the desired goal. In the last season of the Magnum Opus Rally, he was as close as ever to victory, but the events unfolded dramatically. Then Jill set himself the goal of becoming champions of the day stage, and by the middle of the races he had a rather big margin on points and was completely sure that the title would be his. But the irreparable happened – he failed to properly keep the car on the sandy track, he lost his course and thus gave his opponent not only a few winning seconds, but also the title of champion.
But this time he was determined and confident, which helped him to gather his thoughts and perform with dignity, as Jilla wanted.

Winning wasn’t David’s only goal

In fact, throughout all the runs of the night leg of the Magnum Opus Rally, it was enough for David to go on points in second place to eventually take the lead. But this story is not about our champion. After such a mistake last season, he could not forgive himself for her and wanted to prove to himself first of all that he could be the undisputed champion. All of his rivals were quite inferior to Gill in terms of pace, dynamics and driving technique in all Magnum Opus Rally races.
But nevertheless, the rider himself, after receiving the title, said that his main goal was not only victory. One of the main things he wanted to prove to himself and to everyone is that it is possible to be one hundred percent focused on completely avoiding
mistakes in technique and tempo. And he did it brilliantly.

David Gill shared his emotions and experiences

Like any person, Gill had a place for nerves and a little panic. But the main thing is to cope with them in time, and then everything will go perfectly. The racer himself admitted in his interview that it was very difficult for him to calm down before the start of the races, as he was constantly tormented by thoughts of failure last season and he was afraid that these failures could happen again this racing season. But, as Jill says, it was all in his head. He understood that Magnum Opus Rally was his goal, and if not now, then never. With such confident thoughts, the driver took to the track and did his job. He himself says that he received tremendous pleasure and simply enjoyed the ride, sometimes he even forgot that this was a competition. According to him, it was this that helped him relax, which later earned him the coveted title of Magnum Opus Rally champion.

Big plans for the future after Magnum Opus Rally

As the rider himself admitted, although his victory is so long-awaited, it is still not his ultimate goal in his racing career. There are still many unknown roads that he has to learn. Right now, Gill has announced that he is already starting to prepare for the next racing season and plans to take part in higher level tournaments, perhaps even world championships. With such faith and willpower, he will definitely succeed. David Gill proved that despite defeats and failures, you need to try again and again, and in the near future all your efforts will be justified.